Monthly Archives: March 2010

nothing happens

My brother and I were discussing microfiction recently.  His latest is attention-grabbing and full of action.  Mine has absolutely nothing happen.

Writing about what I read has made me realize that I like it when nothing happens.  Or when things happen, but you almost don’t realize they do.  The same applies to films and photography (the other two things I spend the most time and energy on).  A Single Man takes place in one day.  In one sense,  yes, a great deal takes place, but overall the film has a very slow quality to it. Brokeback Mountain is visually stunning, but it is incredibly quiet, especially for a movie.  I don’t think it is a coincidence that I love both film scores.  If you look at my favorites on flickr, there is a similar color scheme and feel to many of the photos (with some exceptions of great kid pictures).  Some photographers have pictures that scream, look at me!  And at times they are great photos.  But I like the subdued, the gentle.  Nothing is really happening and it is beautiful.

I can, and do, enjoy action-filled, or loud, fiction, movies, and photos, but as I learn more about my own style, and really about me, I realize how much I appreciate the quiet and the gentle.